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Card NameSetMana CostTypeP/TRarityConditionStockPrice
Arcbound RavagerDarksteelTwo ManaCreature0/0RLightly Played1Error - Sorry!
BadlandsRevisedLandRModerately Played1Error - Sorry!
Balefire DragonInnistradFive ManaRed ManaRed ManaCreature6/6MNear Mint1Error - Sorry!
Black LotusUnlimitedZero ManaArtifactRModerately Played1Error - Sorry!
Demonic TutorRevisedOne ManaBlack ManaSorceryULightly Played1Error - Sorry!
Demonic TutorRevisedOne ManaBlack ManaSorceryUModerately Played1Error - Sorry!
EntombOdysseyBlack ManaSorceryRLightly Played1Error - Sorry!
Essence of the WildInnistradThree ManaGreen ManaGreen ManaCreature6/6MNear Mint1Error - Sorry!
Evil TwinInnistradTwo ManaBlue ManaBlack ManaCreature0/0RNear Mint1Error - Sorry!
Garruk RelentlessInnistradThree ManaGreen ManaPlaneswalker3MNear Mint0Error - Sorry!
Gavony TownshipInnistradLandRNear Mint2Error - Sorry!
Goblin WelderUrza's LegacyRed ManaCreature1/1RNear Mint2Error - Sorry!
Instigator Gang - FoilInnistradThree ManaRed ManaCreature2/3RNear Mint1Error - Sorry!
Isolated ChapelInnistradLandRNear Mint1Error - Sorry!
Jace, the Mind SculptorWorldwakeTwo ManaBlue ManaBlue ManaPlaneswalker3MNear Mint1Error - Sorry!
Jace, the Mind Sculptor - FoilWorldwakeTwo ManaBlue ManaBlue ManaPlaneswalker3MNear Mint2Error - Sorry!
Liliana of the VeilInnistradOne ManaBlack ManaBlack ManaPlaneswalker3MNear Mint1Error - Sorry!
Ludevic's Test Subject - FoilInnistradOne ManaBlue ManaCreature0/3RNear Mint1Error - Sorry!
Mentor of the MeekInnistradTwo ManaWhite ManaCreature2/2RNear Mint2Error - Sorry!
Mikaeus, the LunarchInnistradX ManaWhite ManaCreature0/0MNear Mint2Error - Sorry!

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