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Card Condition Information

I grade my cards on this basis

Mint / Near Mint (M/NM)
This card shows no apparent wear. This is a card that might have been shuffled in a sleeve or played in one limited tournament. There may be a minor scratch or mark, but only under close inspection may these be found.
Slighty Played - Lightly Played (SP - LP)
Card shows slight signs of wear and play. Minor scratches, and/or white spots and/or dirt marks around the play side of the card.
Fine - Moderately Played (FINE - MP)
Card shows signs of wear and play. Along with scratches, there may be white spots around border or edge of card. Conversely, there may be dirt marks around the play side of the card. Either way, a sleeve is needed to hide its distinguishing features. However, with a deck of similar age, the cards would blend in appearance.
Played - Heavily Played (Played - HP)
Card is visibly aged and played. Without a sleeve, the card will be easily identified. There may be wear through the center or artwork through the face or back of the card. Heavy white spots will be present on the black border or card back. There might be dirt along the white spots of the card or edge. The card must be played in a solid-back sleeve to be tournament worthy. The card may also have a crease, warp, or fold despite its cleanliness.

+ / - Cards are slightly inbetween listed condition. This is used more often when there is a set of 4 cards for sale and not all cards are the exact same condition.

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