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Skullbriar, the Walking GraveBlack ManaGreen Mana
Legendary Creature - Zombie ElementalRare
Whenever Skullbriar, the Walking grave deals combat damage to a player, put a +1/+1 counter on it.
Counters remain on Skullbriar as it moves to any zone other than a player's hand or library.
Illus. Nils Hamm1/1

AvatarDate Posted: 5/26/2011
Posted By: adam olson
Joined before August '08
         Is definitely a card I want for a general!

"Have you ever seen a more beautifully punted baby?"- Bill Dauterive
AvatarDate Posted: 5/27/2011
Posted By: Matthew Ratz
Member Since: 2/29/2008
         pretty good.

Playing to Win is Playing for Fun - Matthew Ratz

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