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The Hobby Horse

Store Hours

208 W. Market
Taylorville, IL 62568

Phone: (217) 824-9400
Store Stats
DateTimePriceFormatFreebies1st Place PrizesAdditional Prizes
4/26/2019 (Friday)6:00 PM$5 Modern, FNM,BoostersFNM Foil
4/27/2019 (Saturday)1:00 PM$30 Sealed, PRERELEASE #1 WAR OF THE SPARKBoosters
4/28/2019 (Sunday)1:30 PM$30 Sealed, PRERELEASE #2 WAR OF THE SPARKBoosters
4/30/2019 (Tuesday)6:00 PM$5 Standard,Boosters
5/3/2019 (Friday)6:00 PM$5 Modern, FNM,BoostersFNM Foil
5/4/2019 (Saturday)1:00 PM$15 Draft, 3 PACKS OF WAR OF THE SPARKBOOSTERS WAR
5/7/2019 (Tuesday)6:00 PM$5 Standard,BOOSTERS
5/10/2019 (Friday)6:00 PM$5 Modern, FNM,BOOSTERSFNM Foil
5/11/2019 (Saturday)1:00 PM$25 Legacy, LEGACY DUALS FOR 1ST AND 2NDA dual land! 2nd place wins a dual land
Magic for the Noob in all of us!
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